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Welcome to the Department Of Counseling and Guidance at the National University of Tainan, Taiwan. This introduction is designed to provide prospective students, current students and their family members with more information about our department. It serves as an entry point for people around the world.


The department was founded in 2006 to address the need for professional counseling services. Although the department is fairly new, the counseling program itself has been in existence since 1987 as a part of the department of Education. The Psychologist Act passed in 2001 has increased awareness of mental health issues and the steps necessary to maintain healthy psycological funtioning. The Act has set standards for the performance of professionals in the field of counseling, allowing the public to be better served through the enforcement of professional codes of ethics and behavior.

Counseling Program

We are devoted to educating the next generation of professionals in the field of counseling. The Counseling and Guidance program at the National University of Tainan offers professional training at the undergraduate, and master's levels. This training is designed to prepare counseling associates and counseling professionals for one or more of a variety of work settings, such as the school or university, community, private practice, court setting, or in business and industry. Our program's goal is to train and nurture an outstanding professional counselor. The graduate program is designed to prepare graduating students to take the National exam for licensure as professional counselors in Taiwan.

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